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Cape Town Cycle Tour FlightsCape Town Cycle Tour Flights

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Cape Town Cycle Tour

Cape Town Cycle Tour was formerly known as the Cape Argus Cycle Tour. The Cape Town Cycle tour is hosted annually in Cape Town, South Africa and is attended by as many as 35 000 participants from all over the world. Cape Town comes alive over this period as festivities all over the city celebrate this highly anticipated event. You can find the official Cape Town Cycle tour website here.

The Route

One of the most scenic in the world and usually covering a distance of 109km circular route from Cape Town around the Cape Peninsula before returning back to Cape Town. The race starts from Hertzog Boulevard, at the Civic Centre.

Previous races have been plagued by strong winds and even a fire, causing one race to be cancelled and others to shorten the cut off time or the route changed slightly.


The two-course records for the route over Chapman’s Peak are:

Men: 02:27:29 by Robbie Hunter (2008)
Women 02:44:04 by Renee Scott (1991)

The oldest cyclist to complete the cycle tour within the allocated seven-hour time slot was Japie Malan (92 years old) in 2012.

The oldest woman participating and completing the race was Mary Warner (80 years old) in 2006.


In 1978, Bill Mylrea and John Stegmann organised a Big Ride-In, drawing attention to South Africa’s need for more cycle paths. Hundreds of cyclists participated, even the Mayor of Cape Town. The first winner was Lawrence Whittaker in September 1978.

Originally the tour was planned to cover 140km but subsequently reduced to 104km, after a failure to be granted access to the Cape Point Nature Reserve.

Initially, the Cape Argus newspaper and sponsor of the race reluctantly granted the event the right to use its name.

These days the event is tied in with five cycling events taking place over a period of a week.

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Getting to the Cape Town Cycle Tour from overseas

If you’re attending the Cape Town Cycle Tour from outside of South Africa, you can use our flight finder (at the top of this page) to find cheap flights with international airlines such as:

British Airways
Delta Airlines
South African Airways
Virgin Atlantic
Turkish Airlines

Lufthansa has recently added a new Airbus A350 to their Munich Cape Town route while British Airways have opened an additional direct flight to London Gatwick running through the (South African) summer period.

Getting to the Cape Town Cycle Tour from within SA

Kulula Flight Deals
Mango Flight Deals

You can find specific information on transporting your bike on Kulula here.

Bike handling fees

Most airlines will charge you a bike handling fee. For example, Kulula Airlines charge R350 incl. vat One way (per bike, per flight).

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