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Everyone whats to book cheap flights! There is no doubt about that. “Cheap flights: is one of the most popular search term when it comes to online flight booking. So how do you find these highly sought after cheap flights? Well, that’s exactly what we will look at in this article.

Cheap Domestic Flights

South Africans love cheap domestic flights. South Africans have to travel quite a bit, given the sheer size of South Africa. The long-distance buses used to be the go-to mode of transport for the masses. However, with the advent of cheap domestic flights, came a huge increase in the number of people opting for air travel over road transport.

The effect of this change actually helped drive down the price of flights. As the air travel market increased so did the number of airlines. The increase in the number of airlines resulted in more competition which drove down the price of flights even more.

Nowadays, if you are lucky, you can find flights for as little as a couple of hundred rands. Admittedly, those super cheap flights are generally only available during a kind of a “flash sale” which doesn’t last for long. If you are subscribed to our deals newsletter and follow our FlightFinder.co.za facebook page, you will be the first to know about cheap domestic flights.

How to get cheap flights

Everyone wants to know how to get cheap flights. Well, for a start you should subscribe to our deals newsletter and follow our FlightFinder.co.za facebook page.

By using FlightFinder.co.za to book your flights you are already taking the biggest step in booking cheap flights. FlightFiner.co.za is a flight ticket comparison website. What that means is we compare flight ticket prices with hundreds of airlines. Together with our booking partners, we compare tens of thousands of flights with all the leading airlines.

There is no need to visit each individual airline to check their prices anymore. That’s the old-fashioned way of booking flights. So the answer to “How to get cheap flights?” is, use a flight comparison website like FlightFinder.co.za.

You can book cheap flights at the top of this page. Our flight booking engine will search all the major airlines to find you the cheapest flights.

Are flights cheap last minute?

Are flights cheap last minute? This is an interesting question. You may have heard of a website lastminute.com which was founded in 1998. The idea of lastminute.com was to sell last minute flight deals. So certainly back in 1998, you could get cheap last minute deals. Nowadays not so much. And if you take a look at the lastminute.com reviews, you will see they are not very popular anymore.

It seems that things have changed in the airline industry. Nowadays, generally the closer you get to the departure date of a flight the more you will pay for the ticket. The reason for this is due to how airlines price their seats.

Airlines divide the seats on an aircraft into blocks. Each block has a seat price attached to it. As you can imagine, the prices range from cheap to expensive. The airline uses this method to fill up the plane as quickly as possible. If you are early on, you will still be able to book the cheap seats. But as all the cheap seats get sold out, the price increases to the next level. Then when those flight tickets are sold out, the price increase to the next level and so on.

So based on this model, you can see, it pays to book as early as possible. To answer the question “Are flights cheap last minute?”, in this day, we would suggest not. It is possible however that an airline may choose to sell off some last remaining unsold tickets at a cheap price, but this is unusual.

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