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Turkish Airlines Online Booking

It goes without saying that a key ingredient to the success of any ambitious modern-day airline is customer service. Turkish Airlines goes the extra mile to make their passengers happy. A number of features available on their website do just that by providing services like online check-in, a flight tracker and online booking and flight search.

You can also compare flight prices and book cheap flights on our website by using the flight booking tool on this web page. You can compare flights from a number of reputable airlines in a few simple steps by providing the following information:

  • preferred cabin
  • number of passengers
  • departure and arrival points
  • travel dates

Turkish Airlines: beginnings

Turkish Airlines has an exquisite track record of exponential growth since it entered the industry in 1933. It began its story with a mere 5 aircraft in Turkey. It’s growth really started to gain momentum when the Turkish government took over in 1983. Its headquarters are in Istanbul.

Turkish Airlines in the 21st century

The national flag carrier of Turkey, Turkish Airlines has proceeded in leaps and bounds to become Turkey’s leading airline. It owes much of it’s current success to trademark investments made over the years, which was epitomized when it made the largest order of aircraft ever to be ordered in Turkey in 2013. This paved the way for continuing excellent customer service as well as maintaining a regular fleet through the years. For these reasons it is Turkey’s number one airline and has flowered into one of the world’s leading airlines, taking passengers to more than 240 destinations around the world. It currently boasts a fleet of 330 aircraft, including cargo carriers.

Turkish Airlines has achieved many milestones over the years that distinguishes it from its competitors and makes it an even more valuable part of the Turkish economy. These include the development in 2014 of the maintenance and repair centre, and the Turkish Seats Industries. The airline belongs to one of the biggest airline alliances in the world, Star Alliance. Other members of star Alliance include Air New Zealand, Air China and EgyptAir.

Turkish Airlines South Africa

Turkish Airlines has a considerable presence in South Africa, offering flights to Europe and other international destinations from Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. For people travelling to Europe, Turkish Airlines is one of the better options for the simple reason that its headquarters are located on the European border. This means shorter flights from SA travellers, a boon to any jet-setter. There is a daily flight operating between Cape Town and Istanbul and Johannesburg and Istanbul. Flights to Istanbul from Durban may include a short stop-over in Johannesburg to allow for new passengers to board. There are a few return flights from Durban per week. Turkish Airlines does not offer flights between cities in South Africa, such as flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town, except as a stop-over point.

Turkish Airlines Flights

What can you expect from Turkish Airlines flights but nothing short of the best in-flight experience? Passengers can choose between economy and business class. Flying economy class doesn’t mean compromising on comfort. Economy class passengers can enjoy the following features, among others:

  • a seat that reclines up to 15cm
  • a power point
  • 78cm legroom
  • a basic amenity kit
  • in-flight entertainment (including channels for the kids)

Business class passengers can experience additional luxury features such as fully reclining chairs, chair massage, reading lamp and rotating table. Both classes are offered a unique world-class menu. If you have special dietary requirements, you will need to specify these when you make your booking in order for the in-flight staff to cater for you.

Turkish Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the world, with a network of routes that covers over 300 destinations in 127 countries. Here is a closer look at Turkish Airlines routes:

International Routes

Turkish Airlines operates flights to numerous international destinations across Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Oceania. Some of their most popular international routes include:

  1. Istanbul to New York
  2. Istanbul to London
  3. Istanbul to Dubai
  4. Istanbul to Paris
  5. Istanbul to Moscow
  6. Istanbul to Beijing
  7. Istanbul to Tokyo
  8. Istanbul to Johannesburg
  9. Istanbul to Los Angeles
  10. Istanbul to Sydney

Domestic Routes

In addition to their international routes, Turkish Airlines also operates flights to numerous destinations within Turkey. Some of their most popular domestic routes include:

  1. Istanbul to Ankara
  2. Istanbul to Antalya
  3. Istanbul to Izmir
  4. Istanbul to Bodrum
  5. Istanbul to Dalaman
  6. Ankara to Izmir
  7. Ankara to Antalya
  8. Antalya to Izmir
  9. Antalya to Trabzon
  10. Izmir to Bodrum

Cheap Turkish Airlines Flights

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Earn miles and smiles with Turkish Airlines

There is more than one reason to smile when flying with Turkish Airlines. If you are a frequent flier and want to benefit from it, you can join the Miles and Smiles Programme. This allows you to use your miles to buy awards and to upgrade your ticket. It allows you access to airport lounges and other great benefits like more baggage allowance, depending on your membership status. You have the option of signing up for:

  • classic
  • classic plus
  • elite
  • elite plus

Turkish Airlines baggage allowance

Baggage allowance depends on whether you are flying on an international or domestic flight, on your destination and departure point and on whether you are flying business or economy class. Some international flights operate on a baggage weight policy, where there is no restriction on the number of bags you are allowed to check in. Others have a maximum baggage weight as well as a maximum number of bags which you are allowed to take. You can look online to find the specific details of the country you are flying to.

Flying with Turkish Airlines – staying over in Istanbul

If you are looking for an excuse to explore magical Turkey, why not choose a flight that has a stop-over for longer than 20 hours? If this is the case, Turkish Airlines will be able to offer you two free nights accommodation if you are a business class passenger and one-night free accommodation if you are flying economy class. This applies if you are travelling to one of the cities included in this special, so be sure to check if you are eligible to apply before you book your ticket. You will also need to check visa requirements for your country of origin to ensure you have a visa before-hand if you need one.

Book your cheap air tickets with us today with Turkish Airlines. We can also help you to arrange a rental car for you at Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul, as well as affordable accommodation.

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